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Egg Candling Certification

We attended an egg candling class last week. Happy to say I passed the written exam as well as the candling part. Very informative. I learned a lot. Now I am certified to sell eggs (from my chickens) in Georgia.  The class was free and once the certificate is notarized, we will be certified to [Continue]

Barn and Greenhouse Update

This past weekend was ideal for getting some work done on the greenhouse. Temps in the mid 50’s and dry allowed us to get out and finish the walls and part of the rafters for the roof on the greenhouse. We also spent some time plowing up the middle and lower garden plots. We will [Continue]

Progress on Greenhouse and Fish tank Building…

I know it’s been a long time since my last update but there have been a lot of challenges with this build. Just a few of the latest pics of the progress. Hoping to get the siding on the building next week and then I can finish the greenhouse framing. I’ve been reading a lot [Continue]