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Squash Squash and Peppers too

Originally posted on 6/6/2011 It was a hot weekend but as you can see my vegetables are doing just great.  Of course, I water them daily just enough to keep them upright and it seems to be paying off.  My cucumbers are doing great and they have a bunch of little cukes growing on them.  [Continue]

1st Tomato of the Season

So it looks like I have my first tomato of the season.  Blooms are starting to appear on my tomato plants and after some debate I decided to put out some additional plants in the open space between my peppers and cukes.  I picked up some nice okra plants and an eggplant for the wife.  She [Continue]

How To Prune Tomatoes

I watched a very interesting video by Lee Reich on this past weekend that I wanted to share with my readers.  I was not aware of the need to prune tomato plants nor was I aware of the differences between determinate and indeterminate tomato plants. Hope you enjoy the video. Here’s the link: How [Continue]