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To Do List Keeps Growing

I know I’ve been slacking a little bit on the blog posts but I have a good excuse.  I will outline this excuse to you below in the hopes that you will forgive me for not posting enough great articles for all to read. To Do List Design and build a new flower bed in [Continue]

TroyBilt Super Bronco Tiller has Arrived!

Well, the day has come…finally.  I am the proud owner of another Troybilt Super Bronco garden tiller and I couldn’t wait to put it through its paces.  The garden tiller arrived Saturday morning and after unpacking it, attaching the handle, and adding some fluids, it has been used to plow up two small garden plots. [Continue]

Meet my neighbors

Hello all, We have been debating whether we should move the vegetable garden that we built next to the swimming pool to a larger area outside of the safety of the fence.  If you have been following this blog then you are probably already aware of the nice raised beds that we built last Spring [Continue]

Using Manure in Your Vegetable Garden in Georgia

Manure, from the proper sources, gives the average vegetable gardener a great opportunity to add much-needed nutrients back into the soil.  I would also recommend that you brew a wonderful elixir called manure tea using seasoned manure from a reputable source. We’ll cover manure tea sometime in the future. Manure is organic matter that contains [Continue]

Benefits of a No Dig garden

Benefits of a No Dig garden 1.Easy to learn and do- you can set up a small garden in an afternoon yourself. 2.Low cost- most materials are free and readily available 3.Minimum of effort with no digging involved unless present soil is heavily compacted 4.Doesn’t disturb worms, micro- organisms or fungi in the underlying soil [Continue]

To Compost or Not to Compost

I have always wanted to build a compost bin so I can harvest “black gold” for my garden vegetables.  But, this concept has alluded me for years now.  I know it is supposed to be very easy to compost garden and yard waste (waste as in plant materials), but I have just been too lazy [Continue]