Seed Order and Equipment

Seed Order and Equipment

The past few weeks have been hectic with the move to the farm and just getting ourselves settled.  There are so many new projects and infrastructure improvements needed.  Below are some of the new infrastructure improvements which are needed on the farm.

New hoop greenhouse

The hoop greenhouse will be the first large infrastructure improvement added since we will need a place to start seeds as well as interplant tomatoes and cucumbers.  I just recently purchased a hoop bender and hoop bender stand just for this project.  The hoop bender/stand were purchased from Build My Own Greenhouse ( if you are looking for an affordable hoop bender for your farm.

Post Processing Facility

I need a post-processing facility built in order to save time and energy after harvesting.  The post-processing facility will be an extension to the side of the workshop and will contain the following:

  • Walk-in cooler
  • Greens washing table
  • Greens drying table
  • Material storage (harvest bins, trays, plug trays, microgreen trays, tools, soil, etc)
  • Greens spinner
  • Packing station

Garden Plots

There are two main areas on the farm which will be setup with permanent beds and irrigation.  This first season will most likely be a “get to know the new farm” season where infrastructure improvements are the main focus.  I don’t expect to be in full production with produce until Spring 2018 but I will be working hard towards getting something growing this season so I can get to know this microclimate.

Seed Order

I recently placed and received my initial seed order from Johnny’s Seeds (  I only purchased a small assortment of seeds which have a low DTM (Days to Maturity) of 60 days or less.  These are my highest profit crops which will be setup on a high rotation system in the garden plots.  I do plan to have tomatoes and cucumbers this season (which are not high rotation crops) but I will also have my Spring Lettuce mix available for the local farmer’s market.

Looking for Comments

This list is not the entire list of projects and tasks needed on the farm but it is currently the top priority for getting started in 2017.  My goal for the farm is to be ready for production early Spring and to begin a more comprehensive list later this year.  If any of my readers have comments or ideas please let me know by commenting on this post.

We already have a growing social media presence on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.  We will also be working with great companies like and YouTube in the hopes these ventures can help us afford this website and help us earn a little online income for our many projects.  If you are looking for a book or some of the equipment we use on the farm, please use the links and advertisements found on the site.