Farm Equipment I Use

This is a quick post of the farm equipment that I will be using on the farm.  Some of these items are already being used but I am expanding the operation on the new farm in 2017.


Quick Cut Greens Harvester:

The Quick Cut Greens Harvester from Farmer’s Friend LLC is a time-saver.  Using only a cordless drill to power the cutting blade and the spinning brush, one person can easily cut a 25′ or 50′ bed in minutes.  Compared to harvesting by hand, this tool will save hundreds of hours each season.

Knife and Tool Sharpener:

This tool is essential to a farmer because it will sharpen any knife commonly used on the farm.  It is perfect for sharpening the Quick Cut Greens Harvester blade so you always have a sharp blade when you are ready to harvest the greens on your farm.

Jang Seeder:

The Jang Seeder makes quick work of planting seeds efficiently and accurately.  The turnover of beds on my farm requires the use of a quick seeder.

The Coolbot:

The Coolbot Walk-in Cooler Controller is a low-cost alternative for your walk-in cooler.  Using a window air conditioner and the Coolbot controller will turn any well-insulated room into a walk-in cooler.  You can build your own walk-in cooler or purchase a used walk-in cooler from a restaurant supply company or even on Craigslist.  A walk-in cooler is a must on a commercial urban farm to help remove the field heat from your produce after harvest.

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