Slow Farming for Everyone

Herb Pallet GardenNot much going on around the farm right now. We have been building a number of raised beds for a small garden near the farmhouse for some fresh veggies for the family. The aquaponics system is at another location right now and it will provide the greens and herbs for the farmers market. Until we can get some funding for a larger commercial aquaponics system and greenhouse, most of our vegetables and herbs will come from our dirt gardens.

Cedar Raised BedsThe raised beds will be setup as modified hugelkulture. I’ll post some pictures of the hugelkultures as we begin filling them with the tree limbs, straw and dirt. It’s almost time here in Georgia to start some seedlings. More lettuce seedlings will be started this weekend for the aquaponics system.

Over the last 3 days I’ve been planting seeds for the aquaponics system and the new farm land we have this year. Almost 300 plants. The lettuce is already coming up which will be put in the deep water culture bed in the greenhouse. Feels good to finally get going on something. Working on the hugelkulture at the farm tomorrow if I’m not rained out.

Saving Okra seeds

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