Progress on Greenhouse and Fish tank Building…

I know it’s been a long time since my last update but there have been a lot of challenges with this build. Just a few of the latest pics of the progress. Hoping to get the siding on the building next week and then I can finish the greenhouse framing.


I’ve been reading a lot of books and creating my plans for next Spring.  I have a little less garden space to work with this next season but I think with the Aquaponics setup and the extra seed starting area in the building things will work out just fine.  I plan on building a small chicken coop also in the coming weeks.  I just need to site it on the property and start building.  I will try to keep the blog updated as I go along this winter so please check back often.

I have also added a really interesting link to a plant database.  You can search for plants for your zone as well as use it to help identify plants.  Check it out here.