Aquaponics Building Progress

We have made some good progress on the fish tank building for the aquaponics project.  So far, we have 1 of the walls up and another one ready to lift into place.  The progress may seem a little slow but this is a project where I only have an hour or two each night to work on it.  I’m building it by myself so any progress is good progress in my book.

I appreciate the words of encouragement from everyone who has emailed me directly.  Here are a couple images to show the progress so far.  My beautiful wife is “pretending” to hold up the first wall….isn’t she cute?  I don’t have the most recent photo of the wall that is waiting to be lifted up but that’s pretty close.

IMG_1717 IMG_1711

Also, here’s a picture of our little kitten who found herself in a little bit of a bind on Tuesday.