Building Permit Approved – Grading site this weekend!

Quick update and question.

I have my building permit now for the FT (fish tank) building and greenhouse!  whoohoo.  Now I need some grading done and some crusher run spread for the building base.  Getting some quotes this afternoon so hopefully that will be done by this weekend.

Should I go with #4 River Rock (Brown) 1 1/2″ x 2″ or #7 River Rock (Brown) 1/2″?  I’m going to need about 1.5 cubic yards per 10’x4’x12″ GB but I don’t know if I should put in 9″ of river rock and the last 3″ with hydroton.  Or should I just go with all river rock?  The river rock is $45-$55 per yard so not too bad.  I can get 50L of hydroton for about $30 at the hydroponics stores in Atlanta.

I’m planning on having 3 GB’s in the greenhouse and will probably set the system up as a constant flood with a syphon setup.  I will have 2 FT (round; 675 gallons each) along with 1 (or 2???) sump tank.  Should I match my sump tank(s) volume to match the FT’s for a constant flood setup?  Did i mention that I hate math?

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